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Welcome! Thank you for your interest in applying for our Visual Art Scholarship. Scroll down to see a quick checklist to apply!

      One of our greatest pleasures is reviewing the outstanding work
     submitted by students. We look forward to seeing your work.
     Please read the application requirements and suggestions thoroughly.
     Creativity is a very large part of your evaluation – dare to get noticed
     with your submission!

     NEW APPLICANTS please register; RETURNING APPLICANTS simply sign in and begin!
     Click on the ‘Trouble Signing In?’ link to resolve any issues.

     Important Dates:
    Art Scholarship Application & All Additional Required Items
    Must be RECEIVED by 5:00pm on May 10, 2019.

     Application Overview!
     Attend/Enroll at one of these Approved Schools:    
          Art Institute Seattle
          Cornish College of the Arts
          DigiPen Institute of Technology
          Northwest College of Art & Design
     College Acceptance
          Application to College must occur prior to applying for this scholarship;
          Applicable for first time students, returning, or transfer students;
          Take a photo of your letter or scan the form and upload into your online application.

          Complete the online application; Be sure to sign! If under 18, parent/guardian must also sign.
     Official Transcripts
          Physically mail to our office or send to us electronically through an online clearing house
          such as:

              At least two full years of grade data required! Points will be deducted for incomplete transcripts.
               What you send us depends on your level of education:
                    High School Student/No College: Requires official transcripts from all secondary schools
                    Less than 2 years of College: Requires official transcripts from both secondary
                    school(s) and college(s)

                    More than 2 years of College: Requires only official college transcript(s)
     Financial Aid Worksheet
          Form is in the application portal and is accessible once you begin your application;

               Use the information in your FAFSA or Award Letter to complete the form;
               Take a photo of your form or scan the form and upload into your online application.

              HINT: Ask the Financial Aid Office at your school for help completing the form if necessary!
          Submit an original essay which answers all three questions completely and is visually creative;
          questions are in the application portal.

               If video: upload into the online application
               Any other format: physically mail to the Foundation office
     Portfolio – Show us who you are as an artist!
          Upload eight (8) examples of artwork into your online application submitted in .jpg, .avi,
          .mov, or .swf format ONLY
n addition to potential and talent, we look for:
                    Work reflecting the discipline you want to go into
                    Finished, portfolio-worthy work – not concept work or sketchbook drawings
                    Work showing who you are as an artist
                    HINT: Reproductions of masters’ paintings or other artist’s work should not be submitted,
                    as this is not the applicant’s original idea or works.

     Helpful Hints for Portfolio Submission:
*Photograph your work well – watch shadows, strange angles, objects hanging in photos, etc.
          *Do NOT include titles or explanations of your artwork – visual art should speak for itself.
Do NOT send more than eight (8) examples of artwork – your portfolio will NOT be judged.
     NOTE: See “Helpful Hints” under the Resources section in the application portal for more information.